How do I get my water tested?  Should I get my water tested?  And how do I test my water?

Water purity is important to us all, good questions to ask are: How do I test my water? How do I know if my water is pure or clean?

When should I get my water tested?

  • If you notice that your water has gotten cloudy or has a new, funny smell or taste you should give us a call. We can discuss what is going on and give you a recommendation of what might have caused it and tell you what we can do to remedy the situation.
  • If it has been many years since the well was drilled or checked. Water tables change and contaminants can seep into the ground water, depending on how deep the well is.  We can look up the records on your well and give you a good recommendation.
  • If there has been a significant event like major flooding, then that might be an important time to double check that your well water wasn’t contaminated. We can have your water tested, and put your mind at ease.

How do I get my water tested?

There are two major types of water tests, for hardness and for purity.  Testing for hardness can be done simply and on site by your water softener company.  A water test for impurities must be done in a lab and care must be taken to protect the sample from cross-contamination.  For a purity test, it is important to have a professional collect the sample of your water.  The container used must be sterile and nothing can touch the water sample or it could be contaminated, giving a false reading.

What happens if something bad is in my water.

We work diligently with the county Health Department to make sure you have clean, pure drinking water for yourself, your family and your pets.

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