Frequently Asked Questions for Joe Carlson Well Drilling, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call you?

Call us if you notice any of these water issues:
• Turn on the faucet and there’s no water.
• If the pump is running when you’re not using water, you may have a leak on the incoming line.
• Notice a puddle of water around the well, when it should always be dry.

How will running a lawn sprinkler or irrigation system affect my well water pump?

Well pumps can easily pump water for hours without stopping. Frequently turning the water on and off could possibly burn out the pump motor or its components. When running the lawn sprinkler, be sure to have enough hoses going at once to keep the pump running continuously.

How will you repair my well pump if I have a fence on my property?

Because the well pump is located at the bottom of the well, our trucks need to be able to drive up to the well and raise the boom high above the well pipe. If you plan to install a fence, include a 10-foot wide gate for access.

Can you work around the trees in my yard?

Yes, if there is enough access between tree plantings we will do our best to not cause any damage.

How do I protect my landscape and plants when my well needs to be repaired?

To ensure your plants are not damaged, you may want to remove any special plants before we arrive.

How do room or roof additions affect your ability to repair my well?

The new overhang of the room or roof addition (including a possible future gutter) must leave room for the well truck boom, also leaving a vertical clearance of at least 18-24 inches. Feel free to call our office for more information.

How can I hide the well head?

Fake rocks are very realistic and available at lawn and garden shops or online. The well head cannot be buried according to law. For purity reasons, it needs to be at least 12” above ground.

Water Well Head
Hidden Well Head

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