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Call Us Today!
(616) 868-5230

Tips And FAQ

When To Call Us
When you turn on the faucet and don't have any water.
If you notice your pump running when you are not using water, you may have a leak on the incoming line. (Don't forget to take into account if furnace humidifiers and water softeners have been running.)
You notice a puddle of water around the well. It should always be dry around the well.
Lawn Sprinkling and Irrigation Systems
Well pumps can pump water easily for hours non-stop. But, the frequent turning on and off, could possibly burn out the pump motor or components. So, when sprinkling the lawn, have enough hoses going at once to keep the pump running continuously.
Landscaping and Fencing
The well pump is located in the bottom of the well, so to repair or replace the well pump, the well truck needs to be able to drive up to the well and raise the boom high above the well pipe.
Take care to leave access between tree plantings.
If you plan to install a fence, include a 10 feet wide gate for access.
Landscape Plants
You may want to remove special plants before the repair.
Room or Roof Additions
The new overhang (including a possible future gutter) must leave room for the well truck boom, and be clear of a vertical well position giving clearance of 18-24 inches. Feel free to call for more information.
To Hide the Well Head
Fake rocks are very realistic and available at lawn and garden shops or online. Don't bury the well head, by law, and for water purity, it needs to be 12' above grade (ground).

To hide the well head

Do I need to have my well chlorinated?

Give us a call and we can easily advise.

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After Hours and Weekend Calls Available.
We Answer Repair Calls 7 Days a Week.
If you are out of water, call us right away!

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